Case Studies

We're confident in the quality of our services, but nothing speaks louder than actual results. Following are several examples of some of the cost-effective solutions we have delivered to our clients.


A national leader in collections needed to bring the dissemination of its debtor and reporting information into the Internet age. A prior document imaging and COLD/ERM solution utilized CDs, PC-based databases and Fed Ex to distribute vital business information to hundreds of team members in over 25 offices across the country on a monthly basis.
Fort Docs upgraded this system to the PaperVision Enterprise document management product from Digitech Systems. Using an online repository hosted by Fort Docs, this new solution has eliminated precious days from the data distribution process, centralized the data in one location for easier management, and eased the burden on an overloaded tech support group by eliminating the need to support a PC-based application in field branches.
All of this was accomplished while lowering out of pocket monthly costs for the client by approximately 33%.


A nationally recognized Bay Area law firm desired to automate processes and reduce paper handling in an effort to support double digit growth while lowering its overhead. Fort Docs and the Digitech suite of products were selected over 4 other vendors (including a nationally recognized document company) due to ease of use, fully integrated features and a full service approach from Fort Docs. This 100-user installation also includes an in-house scanning bureau, a full workflow implementation and integration with the firm’s case management system. All legal documents are now printed with barcodes for easy indexing when they are returned from the Court or other outside agencies. A six person file room will be redeployed to scanning and other tasks. Documents that used to be printed and then filed are now automatically moved into the document management system electronically saving paper and time. And a Fort Docs consulting team was on-site to document workflows, suggest process improvements, program the PaperVision workflow engine and train the scanning department on processes, quality control and productivity measurement.


If you know the Food Service business than you know that one of the most important documents for a food service company is the signed receipt showing that all items delivered were recieved. Inevitably the calls come in a few days after a delivery stating that the box of tomatoes was not delivered (although the reality is that it was used right after the delivery). In the past this meant going to the file drawer, locating the invoice, making a photocopy, writing a fax cover sheet and faxing the copy showing that the item was signed for. All of this takes time, not to mention the full-time clerk who files all of the invoices each day.

Fort Docs developed a turnkey solution for this client with daily pickup of all signed invoices, scanning, OCR recognition of the invoice number and web-based return of all images before 8AM the following morning. Now a customer service clerk simply looks up the client name, finds the relevant invoice and sends it via email knocking 4-5 minutes off the retrieval process. In addition the file clerk position was eliminated. And the entire program has a lower daily cost than the file clerk’s wages allowing the savings on each invoice request to flow right to the bottom line. This multi-year program will soon pass the 100,000-invoice leading to one other major savings, a lot of paper cuts have been avoided.