As a member firm of PRISM International, the international trade organization for document storage companies, we recognize our commitment to a philosophy of professionalism to our clients, fellow members and the public.

Our commitment to each of these is:

To Our Customers, We Will

  • Clearly identify the terms and conditions of our contractual agreements and fulfill them in good faith.
  • Maintain the confidentiality and security of client information resources.
  • Initiate best practices and utilize quality controls in providing information management services.
  • Pledge to keep our facilities, employees, controls and procedures compliant and prepared to fulfill our responsibilities.

To Our Fellow Members,
We Will

  • Acknowledge a shared understanding of our serious responsibility in caring for client information assets.
  • Communicate and cooperate effectively in order to maintain high standards of service.
  • Facilitate peer education and participate in information exchanges among members in order to advance and improve the industry.
  • Work together to further the professional image of the information management industry.

  • Take seriously any ethical complaint brought against a member.
  • Pledge our firm to be a good corporate citizen, fulfilling responsibilities to the communities in which we serve.
  • Continually invest in improving industry knowledge, resources, practices, products and services.
  • Educate others about information management issues.

To Our Public, We Will