Data Entry

With advent of many new capture products, the need for manual data entry has declined in recent years. Due to the low readability of handwriting by software applications, manual human data entry is still needed for many business documents. If your organization has hand written forms, explanation of benefits, applications or claims that need to be scanned and data entered, Fort Docs has the capability. We offer a variety of data entry sources such as:

data entry.jpg
  • Local data entry operators in our office
  • Crowd-sourced data entry services that contain a hybrid model of operators that are local, national and off-shore
  • The data and images will not leave the US and will reside on a SOC 2 TYPE2 certified cloud system
  • Offshore data centers

Our System

  • Understands even messy handwriting
  • Can read poor quality material accurately
  • Ensures confidentiality and security by not displaying the full image and NPI info to any single operator. Ask us how!

    We have scanned and processed over 500,000 claims, forms and applications. Our data entry team is on-shore and local with criminal background checks performed. Off- shore data entry is available at the client’s request. We are insured and bonded. With the ability to double key to ensure accuracy, we can provide accurate and affordable forms processing and data entry services. We employ ANSI standards for Quality control and can provide up to 99.9% accuracy on data entry. Contact us for more information.