Offsite Document Storage

Secure Offline Storage

Many businesses find their paper files are taking up valuable office space, yet they’re reluctant to deliver them to an off-site record storage facility for fear they’ll be lost or damaged. Fort Docs stores your critical documents in a safe, secure environment designed to preserve the integrity of your files.


Barcode Indexing

Each client record receives a unique barcode identification to enable easy scanning and tracking. This ensures accuracy, accountability and efficiency at each point of movement.

24-Hour Web Monitoring

Fort Docs provides web-based ordering 24 hours a day using a secure T-1 connection, making it easy to request a file retrieval. Our web-based service includes real-time inventory reports of your files. To view a demo video of the online document storage and management interface, click here. (Demo will open in a new window. Takes approximately 8 minutes. Speakers not required)

Accommodating Delivery Schedules

The Fort Docs delivery trucks will pick up documents for storage and deliver files as you need them, usually with next-day service.

Full Document Management Service Operation

Fort Docs conducts all document purging, indexing and retrieval inhouse, so you know your documents are being handled exclusively by our professional team.