Forms Processing

Manual data entry of hand written forms can be expensive and labor intensive. Even machine printed forms can be time consuming to data enter. Keeping employees in this role can also lead to turnover. If you’ve lost your appetite for manual data entry, we can help. With our robust forms processing software and expert Verification Staff, Fort Docs can help save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours. We can scan existing forms into our system and teach our OCR engine to read your forms and return the data. Our expert Verification group will quality check questionable text and make manual corrections where needed. Accuracy levels can be defined as well. The benefits include:

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  • Faster processing of forms that contain critical business information
  • Save thousands of dollars in labor costs and opportunity costs
  • Export to popular data formats such as SQL, XML, XLS and other delimited file formats for easy import and integration to line of business applications including SharePoint
  • High accuracy with human verification
  • Repurpose your time and dollars towards profitable core business processes; in other words, do what you do best and leave the forms processing to us

Paper Forms Design

If your existing forms don’t lend themselves to accurate machine reading, Fort Docs can help design a machine readable form that contains form elements that will dramatically reduce the time to data enter forms and increase accuracy. By redesigning old forms or creating new forms from scratch, we can enable your organization to rapidly create usable information from hand filled forms. Our forms design experts can get new forms designed in as little as an hour. The benefits include:

  • Low initial investment costs compared to returns
  • Enhanced hand written forms recognition accuracy and speed
  • Supplemental savings on time and cost to manually verify unreadable text
  • Stop turning over Data Entry employees