Human Resources

The Human Resource department is full of forms and paper processes. New hire packets, applications, forms and discipline cases all have bulky paper trails required for compliance. Document scanning and workflow in the HR space can transform the organization. We have undergone a HIPAA implementation and are now HIPAA certified. We can help keep your HR team in compliance as an added value to our scanning and e-form services. We have provided services for various organizations such as law firms, municipal governments and utilities. From compliance to automation, ask us how to transform your HR team to one of the most efficient and HIPAA compliant places in the office.

  • Save space and retrieve files efficiently with our secure document management system
  • Protect employee information
  • Scan and manage W9s, I9s, Enrollment forms, beneficiary forms and applications
  • Configure security to limit file access and prevent unauthorized viewing of medical, salary and personal information
  • Enable electronic forms and workflow to streamline and automate paper intensive processes