Why Convert Your Business to a Paperless Solution

For decades the concept of the paperless office has loomed large in the imagination of business theorists. Many businesses already embrace it, but for some it's a frightful proposition. Evangelists of all things paperless tout the benefits that range from protecting paper-based data, to automating redundant tasks. As a result, document imaging is in demand.


“Why has the concept of the paperless office received so much fanfare? For some, it brings the promise of helping to save the environment by killing fewer trees...Rather, it’s because organizations are constantly facing pressure to improve efficiencies, optimize business processes, and reduce costs.” - Greg Milliken, Wired Magazine, 2014


At home here in Sonoma County, we’ve been in the storage and imaging business for over 25 years. Over that period we have experienced a steady increase in inquiries regarding the benefits of scanning documents. If you’ve been curious about how document imaging can help your office, consider these benefits:

  • Scan and store files in a web repository with almost instantaneous retrieval.
  • Create a digital copy that is safe from fires and other loss risks.
  • Automate tedious document related tasks.
  • Save up to $9000 per year, per employee, on filing and retrieval costs.

You search for everything else with Google, why not search for your business documents with the click of a mouse?

Undertaking an imaging project takes some energy up front, but the short and mid term benefits are proven to pay back in savings in time and costs, resulting in a better bottom line for your businesses.


“Organizations with an effective system in place to manage their information — whether in the cloud or in on-premise systems — operate at a vastly superior level of efficiency compared to those that still rely on an approach that harkens back to the days of physical file cabinets and traditional network folders.” Greg Milliken - M-Files


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