Fort Docs Acquires Pacific eDocument

Receive FREE Shredding services in celebration of the Pacific eDocument Solutions acquisition. 

We have some exciting news to share, and a special offer to go with it.  This past year we acquired Petaluma-based Pacific eDocument Solutions.  Fort Docs has always had a strong imaging capability, and now we are even better. Pacific eDocs was the North Bay’s largest Imaging facility, and together we bring best in class capabilities across the entire document management spectrum.

Why is this exciting for YOU? 

Document management isn't always the most glamorous topic, but the reality is that documents are at the core of every organization’s operations.  And a strong document management program can lead to significant increases in productivity, cost savings and reduced liabilities.  We know at times it's a slog to find the documents you need to do your job, and we are here to make it easier.

The benefits of imaging include:

  • Digital backups of critical paper-based information that is safe fromfires, floods and other natural disasters.
  • An online repository of your digital documents that can be integrated with your existing line of business applications.
  • Full or partial automation of document intensive processes.
  • High ROI and very quick paybacks on your investments leading to savings of thousands of dollars in time and productivity.

If you’ve ever considered streamlining the flow of document-based information across your organization, NOW is the best time to start.  Fort Docs can provide you with truly state of the art document management capabilities ranging from cloud-based repositories with digital workflows, all the way to box storage of your legacy paper documents. Digital records can save you hours of time and money while simultaneously reducing the risk associated with lost, damaged or misplaced files. 

Contact us to learn more about how much your office can save by going paperless.