FREE shredding until September 30th!*

Fort Docs is offering FREE shredding services for new imaging projects that are contracted by September 30th 2018. This can save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. Fill out the form below to be eligible to receive FREE shredding services. 


Why FREE shredding matters.

Many businesses opt to scan large amounts of files to kick off their paperless initiatives. What happens after they are scanned? In most cases clients don't want the paper back. After all, getting rid of hard-to-access hard copies is the goal. Securely destroying the information helps protect it as well. 

Shredding after scanning can cost as much as $6 per box. Fort Docs is offering this service for FREE for clients who contract with us to do document imaging projects before September 30th. Contact us below to be eligible!

*Projects must be completed by end of 2018 to receive promotional offer.


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